The Acme Mills Company

98 Years of textile innovation and industrial fabrics solutions

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Great Lakes Filters

Complete industrial and commercial filtration solutions as well as ways to take your manufacturing facility zero-landfill.

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Fairway Products

60 years of Industrial textile sewing and converting. Covering markets from furniture, or automotive to retail products.

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Ervins Group

Our minority business partner, Ervins Group provides textile services across North America

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Core Markets We Serve

  • Aviation & Aerospace

  • Automotive

  • AG Fabrics¬†& Geotextiles

  • Furniture

  • Cruise Lines & Shipbuilding

  • Fabric Die Cutting & Slitting

  • NeuSorb Industrial Absorbents

  • NeuBond Recyclable Filtration

  • Traditional Filtration

  • Cut & Sew Manufacturing

  • Rolled Textile Goods

  • Waste Stream Recycling

The Acme Group imagines, designs and creates innovative fabric and filtration ideas that escalate and invigorate our society.

In all endeavors that we embark upon, we believe in challenging conventional thinking.
If an idea has merit, we explore it. If the design has promise, we pursue it.
If the concept has potential, we embrace it, nurture it and proudly put our name on it.
We accomplish this by hiring the right people, providing them the proper resources and encouraging them to make a difference.

Dymetrol Lightweight Seating Suspension
Liberty Spunbond Polypropylene
Viking Needle Punched Polypropylene
PlugEase Rooting Material
NeuBond Recyclable Filtration
ComfortSpan Karma
Fairway Products
NeuSorb Absorbents

Featured Projects

For nearly 100 years, the Acme Group has developed solutions for our clients in dozens of markets. Recently, we have taken the charge and presented industries solutions in waste stream management, vehicle lightweighting and industrial recycling. We’re looking forward to talking to you about your challenges and to see where our solutions overlap your needs.