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Seat Sational Stadium Seating Covers

Fairway Products and Acme Group have been helping bring new products to market for over 97 years. Whether you represent an established business or a start up, we can help. No project is too big or too small in our eyes.

We helped Gina Hoensheid at SeatSational get her product to market, and honestly we were blown away by the presentation and creativity of her product. It's a seat cover made of a flexible material which is silk-screened with marketing messages and branding. From samples to finished product, we helped her along to a completed ready-for-market product.

For more information about SeatSational, head to their website.

Client : SeatSational

Project : Branded Stadium Seat Covers

Executives : Steve Firavich, Mike Richardson


Airline Seat Lightweighting Study

Acme Mills’ lightweight airline seating, woven, non-woven and needle-punched fabrics are integral components in producing top quality private and commercial textile solutions.

Acme Mills together with our partner company Fairway Products are experts in enhancing lightweight airline seating suspension using our patented Dymetrol® and ComfortSpan fabrics to replace traditional suspension systems.  Dymetrol is used in private planes, jets and commercial jetliners currently, including many of the world’s largest commercial airlines, where it provides efficient and comfortable lightweight airline seating solutions for pilots, crew and all passengers over millions of miles flown daily.

Due to its composite construction, which is the result of the combination of powerful elastomer monofilaments and high quality textile threads, Dymetrol and comfortSpan products boast a particularly impressive level of elasticity and an ability to regain its original shape reliably.

ComfortSpan Aviation Suspension Systems will reduce weight and increase comfort in airline seats.

Project : Airline seating case study - Dymetrol replacing traditional suspension

Task : Determine weight and seat depth savings

Executives : Steve Firavich, Mike Richardson, Jeffrey Gross, Neil Gross


NeuBond Recyclable Industrial Filtration

NeuBond™ is a recyclable filtration media that can function in nearly any industrial environment or application. It not only meets or exceeds all OEM quality and specification standards, it also allows the spent media to be recycled 100%. We utilize a patented process to extract the contaminates from spent filtration materials and end up with desirable products from all of these waste streams.

Great Lakes Filters innovative recycling programs are tailored to our customer’s needs, allowing the product to become use-to-reuse, turning a used filter media into a new reusable product. More importantly, it never sees a landfill. GLF has the capability to recycle our use-to-reuse products back into new materials. GLF also has the means to recreate our use-to-reuse products into their original form.

Division : Great Lakes Filters

Task : Filtration Recycling

Executives : Matt Utley


NeuSorb Recyclable Industrial Absorbents

Recyclable Absorbents – most of us don’t give it a second thought. They just go away. It probably ended up in your trash receptacle and taken to the local landfill. Should you be concerned? Is there a potential liability down the road? What is this doing to the environment? Worry no more.  Now there is a better option – NeuSorb Recyclable Absorbents.

STEP 1 : Great Lakes Filters and Preferred Filter Recycling launch an absorbents program with your company, setting up quantities, and delivery of recycling containers.

STEP 2 : When a spill occurs, use the absorbent to soak up the spill and place the used pads into the recycling container.

STEP 3 : Schedule a pickup when the container is full.

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