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Our Story

Acme Mills has been privately owned and operated since 1917.  We’re large enough to meet all your industrial fabric and textile needs, while being private, we pride ourselves on being “small enough” to add the personal touch with every phone call you make, every question you have. This is the family of Acme Mills.

Acme Mills is part of The Acme Group of companies – a group of companies dedicated to the fabric and textile industry, serving industrial customers.  Acme Mills draws on the engineering, technical experience and capabilities of Fairway Products and Great Lakes Filters, other members of the Acme Mills Group.


We are The Acme Group.

The Acme Group imagines, designs and creates innovative fabric and filtration ideas that escalate and invigorate our society.


Acme Mills got its real start as a cotton batting mill. The batting was used for car seat cushioning in the earliest days of the automobile.  In fact, Acme Mills was a supplier to Henry Ford’s first car, the Model T, and a long-time supplier to the Ford Motor Company as a result.

Since then, the company has evolved into one of the largest suppliers of industrial fabrics to the automotive industry in the world.  And with it, our automotive product line has evolved from a single product to a broad array of textile products in seating, headliners, door trim, storage, audio, safety, and many other specialized applications.

Beyond that, Automotive is now one of many industries served by Acme Mills.  We proudly serve customers in markets as diverse as Furniture, Heavy Truck, Marine, Aviation, Mass Transit, Public Seating, Industrial, Geo-textile, Agriculture, Landscape, and many more.

We are application driven and therefore not tied to one particular technology or fiber in the production or recommendation of fabrics. Our customers look to us as problem solvers.  It is with this mind-set that we developed in collaboration with a customer a specialized fabric solution that is now called Dymetrol®, a patented product sold exclusively by Acme Mills.

Our Goal

Our mission is to meet and exceed the ever growing needs of our customers while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and accountability to our customers, suppliers and our employees.

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